I'm frugence fidel,
Tanzanian web developer.

I develop websites and web applications.

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Known more about me

I'm Frugence Fidel, web developer living in Tanzania.

I have Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. I develop awesome websites and web applications for both personal and business uses.

I love coding with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I continue developing my skills to stay updated with web technologies.

Also I love to share what's I known about web technologies tips and tricks. Take a look at my blog, youtube and dev.to.

Frugence Fidel


My gears for developments


  • ⇒ HTML
  • ⇒ CSS
  • ⇒ JavaScript
  • ⇒ TypeScript
  • ⇒ React.js
  • ⇒ Next.js
  • ⇒ GraphQL


  • ⇒ Node.js
  • ⇒ Express
  • ⇒ MongoDB
  • ⇒ MySQL
  • ⇒ Prisma


  • ⇒ Git


My latest works


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